Account Executive

  • Sales
  • São Paulo, Brazil

Account Executive

Job description

We are a fast growing company with an innovative product quickly growing in market-share. We are in the process of improving our sales process and our next step is to attack the enterprise market with an efficient, predictable and scalable model.

We need team members that will help us:

Develop a consultative value-focused sales model oriented to an enterprise market with built-in metrics for predictability and scalability. We offer technical and strategic support in our relationships with clients and we must translate to the C-suite our innovative message to an often conservative marketplace.

Skoreans all have a collaborative and innovative profile.

What we expect from a Skorean:

  • The people who work with you generally consider you a great team player.

  • You’re a data-driven person and seek to make decisions based on historical data.

  • You’ re an active listener and not just understand, but read between the lines.

  • You’ re a great communicator, able to synthesize ideas and concepts clearly.

  • You're a quick learner, and you're not afraid to say, "I do not know." In fact, you love saying that. You really love it so much that you look for things you do not know, so you can learn and become a better professional. You are very diligent in learning. You search on your own and look for mentors when needed.

  • You are an innovator par excellence. Do not settle easily, intelligently questions what you disagree, and seek creative solutions to old and new problems.


Our expectations:

  • Manage a portfolio with large local and global clients  by hosting face-to-face meetings and video conferences with key corporate education teams.

  • Interface with the marketing team to align the generation of opportunities by adopting, testing and evaluating new methodologies.

  • Participate in the Account-Based Marketing project, mapping possible decision centers in large companies and creating personalized communication for each of them.

  • Make Discovery calls and conduct the business process with potential customers through closing, navigating across multiple large corporate sectors.

  • Create corporate education projects in a creative and dynamic way, serving companies with different and challenging needs.

  • Feel comfortable in pressure situations and aggressive goals

Minimum Experience:

  • Strong command of English (you will need to speak with clients and partners around the world).

  • Experience in high-ticket B2B SaaS sales in complex models with a consultative approach.


  • Creativity: Develop projects for innovative corporates, creating solutions to complex and challenging problems!
  • Networking: Lunches, meetings and high-level strategic conversations with C-levels of large national and international corporations that will be attentive to your message of innovation for the corporate training market.
  • Mentoring: Connect, learn and share knowledge with the major players  in the corporate education market in Brazil. People with great experience who are redefining the way corporations and people learn and teach.
  • Autonomy: Learn, create and test new solutions. We are in the process of creating our processes betting on unorthodox methodologies and exploring ways still unmapped.
  • Good Place, Global Reach: We are on the Google Campus! We have meetups with the best professionals in the technology world weekly, a great pet friendly work environment, and home office policy. Hold meetings from anywhere, travel and participate in the world's leading innovation, technology and corporate education events.
  • Great achievements: We have aggressive goals and many challenging moments. We are growing fast, putting our internationalization plan into practice, competing with Gorillas (and winning!). For every great challenge we celebrate a great achievement!
  • Base Salary plus Commission: base salary compatible with the market and opportunity for aggressive commissioning.

Last, but most important, make sure you believe in our values:

I will figure it out

We don't know everything and, as we are doing difficult things, we will often find ourselves lost in the midst of our challenges.

Disagree and Commit

Sometimes we need to make hard choices and not all choices are unanimous. We will approach our choices with openness and will give everybody a voice.

Embrace the Chaos

Blitzscaling requires us to move really fast and this can bring chaos to the structure. We will be at peace with this feeling, understanding that this is part of growing massively.

Extreme Ownership

In order to properly scale, we need to have extreme confidence in all of our team members. If a Skorean says she will get some done, she will.

Be the Messenger

If you see something that is not right, it's your job to raise the issue to whomever can fix it. If you find something that violates our ethics, our values or our established processes, you bring it up.

Machine Building

In order to fight chaos, we constantly find opportunities for organizing and streamlining our process. We approach problems with a scalability mindset and we do the extra work so things become easier for next people that might need it.